Hands On With the UrbanMax, Intel's Concept Tablet Notebook... Thing

This year's Intel Developer Forum is all about different form-factors, with walls of nearly identical MIDs, way too many netbooks and this strange creature, the Intel UrbanMax concept. The prototype is running a Core 2 Duo (at least for now) crammed into a thin, quasi-tablet case, with an 11 inch N-trig DuoSense »8/21/08 8:20pm8/21/08 8:20pm


Hands On With Intel Classmate Tablet: So Far Just a Touchy, Double-Jointed Netbook

When news of the Classmate tablet broke yesterday »8/21/08 4:10pm8/21/08 4:10pm, it was hard to know what to think. In terms of specs, the device is a far sight better that the Classmate 2.0, but aside from the new tablet form factor, the diminutive netbook didn't seem to include any truly innovative new features. During the Intel Developer Forum…

Intel Says They've Taken A Huge Leap in Wireless Power Tech

Wireless power for charging gadgets has been among the more vaporous of developments we've been hearing promises of for years. While there are a few working instances »8/21/08 9:30am8/21/08 9:30am of the tech on the market, its large-scale adoption still feels miles away. So the appropriate skepticism should be applied to claiming Intel will…