Air Force Uses Martin Luther King Jr. to Promote Nuclear Warfare

The USAF has done a lot of borderline insane things in its time, but appropriating the legacy of MLK Jr. on MLK Day might take the Crazy Cake: the government now says King would be proud of our nuclear arsenal. » 1/22/13 4:22pm 1/22/13 4:22pm

Dumb Teen Buys Confederate iPhone Case Instead of UK Flag

Meet a girl with the wrong iPhone case. She enjoys normal teen things like Starbucks, snowboarding, and hanging out with friends. She also doesn't know the difference between the Confederate Flag, universal symbol of bigotry, and the flag of the UK. And then she tweeted it. » 1/06/13 4:31pm 1/06/13 4:31pm

Obama Basher Is the Stupidest, Most Offensive Trash to Contaminate Our…

We receive lots of moronic emails daily, but this description of the "Obama Basher"—an electronic disc you punch for whatever reason—is perhaps the bottom of the bucket. Oh, idiotic plastic thing, let us count the ways you're dumb. » 8/11/11 3:20pm 8/11/11 3:20pm

This Is Why You Don't Light a Flammable Balloon on Fire

So it's a lazy weekend afternoon. The videogames are beat, the girls are off elsewhere, and the internet is barren. What are two bored dudes to do, other than fill a balloon with some flammable substance and blow themselves up? » 6/27/11 7:40pm 6/27/11 7:40pm

Kiddie Porn Computer Pervert Is Also Enormous Idiot

If you're going to try to get away with something as reprehensible as child porn, you should at least be discreet. But Virginian horror-being Ian Hartney is not. Hint: don't ask the computer repair shop where your kiddie porn is. » 5/04/11 6:40pm 5/04/11 6:40pm

Prominent Evangelical Claims the Pilgrims Were Anti-Net Neutrality

Ah, springtime. The birds chirp, the grass brightens, and weirdos thaw out and begin to yap. Loudmouths like top evangelical personality and radio host David Barton, who thinks the movement against net neutrality goes back to the 17th century. Okay! » 4/21/11 2:40pm 4/21/11 2:40pm

The Navy Spent $450,000 Flying F-18s Over the Closed Dome of the Super…

Everyone loves a great jet flyover! Except when you can't see the jets, because you're underneath a retractable dome. That's un-retracted. Which is exactly what the Navy spent $450,000 of your tax dollars to do on Sunday. [Washington Post] » 2/08/11 5:00pm 2/08/11 5:00pm

Suicide Bomber Blown Up by Happy New Year Text

Most New Year's Eve texts are of the drunken "eyhehyyy happy nye yearrr!" variety—incoherent and maybe a little annoying. But they don't blow you apart, as happened to a would-be Russian suicide bomber. Those SMS triggers are risky! » 1/27/11 1:20pm 1/27/11 1:20pm

Astrology Is Still Bullshit and the Universe Doesn't Care About You

No! NO! My sign has changed! According to some made up crap by a bunch of people who deal in made up crap, I'm now a Sagittarius, because of planetary movement. Unfortunately for those who care, this means absolutely zero. » 1/14/11 2:45pm 1/14/11 2:45pm

LifeLock CEO's Identity Has Been Stolen 13 Times

If Todd Davis's face looks familiar, it's because it's plastered all over subway stops and billboards—right next to his social security number—on ads for the personal security company LifeLock. His lifelock? It's been picked 13 times. » 5/18/10 8:20pm 5/18/10 8:20pm

When You Try to Get a Cheap Xbox 360 HDD, It Can Only End in Tears

I refuse to pay $160 for a 120GB Xbox 360 HDD. But I need one, as my 20GB model is filling up. So I decided to order a cheap one from a shady Hong Kong website. What a mistake. » 10/19/09 3:12pm 10/19/09 3:12pm

AP Threatens to Sue AP Affiliate for Embedding Official AP YouTube Vids

I think the AP needs to hire an internet consultant. Because it's clearly run by people who have absolutely no idea how the internet works. How else can one explain their behavior? » 4/09/09 10:30am 4/09/09 10:30am

The Hills Girls Analyze the Large Hadron Collider

I don't watch The Hills, but that doesn't mean I'm not entertained when I see Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt prancing around and pretending they aren't posing for the cameras: in this clip, Audrina attempts to get scientific with the Big Bang theory and the Large Hadron Collider. Her friend explains that the Large… » 10/30/08 10:00pm 10/30/08 10:00pm

$840 32-inch Digital Photo Frame is Complete Idiot Bait

News flash, guys: a 32-inch Digital Photo Frame is actually a really crappy HDTV with all the tuners and inputs pulled out of it. It is not a photo frame. Selling it as such is a way to use the products weaknesses as its selling point and to remove money from the wallets of the rich and stupid. Seriously, this thing… » 6/24/08 10:15am 6/24/08 10:15am