This Useless Anchorman's Touchscreen Abilities Are Hilarious

Look at this doofus talking about the Israel crisis while shuffling cards on a giant touchscreen. I don't speak French, but Mario Aguilar says he does and, at the end, this guy says "I am a complete piece of shit, I hate myself." Well, he doesn't really say that, but he's probably thinking it. [The Next Web] » 11/20/12 5:41pm 11/20/12 5:41pm

Man Calls the Police Complaining About a Flashing Light in the Sky Only…

A UK man noticed an unidentified 'flying' object in the night sky and said it flashing a bright white light into his home. He called the police trying to explain his situation. The police dutifully logged it down until... the same guy called back later and apologized, saying it was only the Moon. » 10/26/11 2:40pm 10/26/11 2:40pm

Thug Posts Crime on YouTube and Gets Busted

We've seen criminals use technology in their favor, but this is one of those cases where it works against them. An 18-year old kid in Wales had his friends film him as he swiped a pair of glasses off a charity worker on the street. He then posted the video on YouTube and got busted by the cops, which let him get away… » 10/27/06 1:00pm 10/27/06 1:00pm