An Idiot Counterfeiter Returned His Printer with a Sheet of Fake Hundreds Inside

It's one of the oldest tricks in the book; if you can't earn money, why not make it? With your printer. Now that doesn't actually work. Making counterfeit cash is really hard. But that won't keep idiots from trying it, apparently. A Wisconsin man took it a step further though, by trying to return his copier/printer … »3/10/13 7:10pm3/10/13 7:10pm

If You Stab Someone Don't Steal Their iPhone Because the Police Will Use Find My iPhone to Catch You

Here's a nominee for silliest way to get caught for committing a horrible crime of the year: A man stabbed a woman in a domestic dispute in Los Angeles and then stole her iPhone. Unfortunately for him—you already know where this is going—the police used Find My iPhone to determine the man's location and promptly… »9/04/12 10:00pm9/04/12 10:00pm

Brazen Alcoholic Gets a DUI On a Stolen Motorized Wheelchair

If you steal someone's motorized wheelchair to go for a joyride, you're sick—Or maybe just completely drunk like this guy. How drunk was Richard Kulma when he was busted? Three times the legal limit drunk. So too blacked out to walk let alone operate so much as a can opener. Look at this police dash cam footage in the… »6/08/12 12:40pm6/08/12 12:40pm

Hey, It's Been One Year Since the Rapture and Nobody Is Floating Yet

Remember the rapture? You know, that absurd concept that one day all good Christians will physically float to the clouds to meet God? Today is the first anniversary and the nutters who believe that they will physically defy gravity and fly like Superman one day—like evangelist Harold Camping' pictured—are still here,… »5/21/12 10:30pm5/21/12 10:30pm

Avengers Screening Delayed Because Some Dunce DELETED THE FREAKING MOVIE

And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat. On that day, the Avengers were... deleted? Yes. The copy of the film being used for a screening last week was accidentally wiped from the server, and delayed a room full of angry… »4/30/12 2:00pm4/30/12 2:00pm

Very Stupid Man Arrested for Calling 911 on Facebook-Spying Wife

Poor Doyle Hardwick just wanted to cruise Facebook in peace, without his wife watching over his shoulder. He tried everything. Asking her nicely, plying her with lots and lots of beer, calling 911 to get the police to resolve the situation. None of those approaches really made much sense. And the last one got him 60… »3/22/12 10:40am3/22/12 10:40am