The Best Products of the Year, Chosen By Designers

What were the best products designed this year? The IDSA, or Industrial Designers Society of America, has announced its International Design Excellence Awards, naming 176 winners across 23 categories. We picked a few of the most interesting and innovative winners, from a surgery-performing robot to a lightweight bike… » 7/02/14 9:00am 7/02/14 9:00am

BusinessWeek/IDSA IDEA 2007 Awards Gallery

This year's award winners tend to fall into two categories: old, at least to up-to-date gadget hounds like y'all, or not there yet, with no good way to figure out when they will arrive. That doesn't mean they're not the epitome of great design, though, and it doesn't mean they're not worth having a gander at. I put… » 7/25/07 9:45am 7/25/07 9:45am