Re-Live the Windows 95 Glory Days in Your Browser With This Easter Egg

We've all got some nostalgia for computing days gone by, and you have to admit there's a little corner of your heart that lights up at the thought of Windows 95, right? Right?! Well Microsoft wants you to dig in and find it by taking a trip down memory lane with its new, re-invented web-version of Hover, a Win95… » 10/02/13 10:00am 10/02/13 10:00am

How Internet Explorer Shaped the Internet

Long before Internet Explorer became the browser everyone loves to hate, it was the driving force of innovation on the Internet. Sometimes it's hard to remember all of the good that Internet Explorer did before Internet Explorer 6 became the scourge of web developers everywhere. Believe it or not, Internet Explorer 4-6 … » 8/23/12 4:00pm 8/23/12 4:00pm

Internet Explorer 9 Preview: Uh, Nice

Internet Exploder, an excellent browser? With Internet Explorer 9, it's possible! Microsoft's made a very pretty browser that feels like it's a part of Windows 7, loaded with HTML5 compatibility and unmatched graphics hardware acceleration for whizzy, whizzy web apps. » 9/15/10 10:59am 9/15/10 10:59am

Mozilla Whines About Apple Being First in Microsoft's Web Browser…

After getting cornered by the European Union, Microsoft offered a reasonable solution to the web browser monopoly dilemma: Let users choose whatever browser they want. Now, the developers of Firefox are whining about who's first in the web setup screen. » 10/16/09 1:00pm 10/16/09 1:00pm