Your Ancient Internet Explorer Is Wasting Everyone's Time and Money

The NYTimes' spectacular multimedia feature "Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek," is incredible. The elegant design and tasteful extras only contribute to the gripping narrative. It's everything we've been promised about the journalism of the future. But if you're looking at it on Internet Explorer 8, you're… »1/02/13 3:20pm1/02/13 3:20pm


Microsoft to Set IE8 Apart From Chrome by Giving It Twice the Bloat

Here's something you don't want to hear describing your latest browser: "epically porcine." Yes, that's exactly how software research firm Devil Mountain CEO Craig Barth described it. Just how bad is the bloat on the latest beta? Well, on a 10-site scenario test, Firefox 3.0.1 consumed 159MB of memory. IE7 consumed a… »9/03/08 3:10pm9/03/08 3:10pm

Microsoft Confirms "Porn Mode" For IE 8, Calls it "InPrivate" (Still Sounds Dirty)

Microsoft has confirmed the rumor »8/27/08 6:10pm8/27/08 6:10pm floating around last week that IE 8 would get its own "porn mode"—or "private browsing mode" if you insist on being mature about it. Amusingly enough, they have dubbed their service InPrivate, which sounds even filthier if you ask me. UPDATE: Beta 2 is now available . [ via via ]

IE 8 Could Get "Porn Mode": Would it Change Your Mind About IE?

What is the best way for IE to gain market share back from Firefox? Porn. That's right-when it comes to the internet, the answer is always porn. You know it, I know it, and apparently Microsoft knows it because there are rumors floating around »8/19/08 8:40pm8/19/08 8:40pm that they may incorporate a private browsing feature, a.k.a "porn mode,"…