Every Version of Internet Explorer Ever Installed and Tested In Under…

Internet Explorer 9 launched to some fanfare this week, but just how far has Microsoft come since its very first attempt at a browser? And all the other IEs in between? One intrepid YouTuber decided to find out. Say what you will about old gal—she's sure gotten easier on the eyes. [Andy's Tech Blog] » 3/17/11 6:00pm 3/17/11 6:00pm

2.3 Million Internet Explorer 9 Downloads Is Still Kind of Impressive

Microsoft is excited to let all their fans know that Internet Explorer 9 was downloaded 2.3 million times in the last 24 hours. As Ryan Gavin writes, "That is over 27 downloads every second, or over 240 downloads every 9 seconds." That's impressive, but maybe that's not such a huge number. It should be noted that… » 3/16/11 5:46pm 3/16/11 5:46pm

Play Kinect Games (and Multitask!) on WP7 Later This Year

We know copy and paste functionality is launching next month, but Microsoft today showed off some exciting new updates for WP7, such as multitasking (using the "card" format), and Xbox 360 Kinect support. » 2/14/11 10:18am 2/14/11 10:18am

Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate Unleashed Upon Unsuspecting Public

I hate crappy puns, but I still grin when someone calls Internet Explorer Internet Exploder. Download IE9 Release Candidate at BeautyOfTheWeb.com, which is another amusingly ironic URL. Or, you know, use Chrome or Firefox if you're not under the eye of a totalitarian IT department. » 2/10/11 12:36pm 2/10/11 12:36pm

Internet Explorer 9 Preview: Uh, Nice

Internet Exploder, an excellent browser? With Internet Explorer 9, it's possible! Microsoft's made a very pretty browser that feels like it's a part of Windows 7, loaded with HTML5 compatibility and unmatched graphics hardware acceleration for whizzy, whizzy web apps. » 9/15/10 10:59am 9/15/10 10:59am

Did Microsoft Just Leak Internet Explorer 9's New Interface?

Microsoft has yet to reveal IE9's interface—not set to debut until next month. But ZDNet's Mary-Jo Foley says she caught a glimpse of IE9's new minimalist look via a slip-up on Microsoft's Russian press site. » 8/25/10 11:54am 8/25/10 11:54am

Internet Explorer 9 Beta Goes Live September 15

The beta for Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft's HTML5-friendly fresh start, will arrive on September 15, in conjunction with a Microsoft event dubbed Beauty of the Web. Let the browser wars rage on! [Beauty of the Web] » 8/12/10 5:09pm 8/12/10 5:09pm

Woah! Internet Explorer 9 Might Actually Look Good? (Update: Keep…

Supposedly these images are screenshots of Internet Explorer 9 and they look surprisingly good. Is Microsoft finally redesigning its browser for the better or are these just mockups of someone's dreams? We don't know Update: What a cruel joke. » 4/07/10 7:35pm 4/07/10 7:35pm

Windows Phone 7 and Internet Explorer 9: Here's What Happened

The most interesting parts of Microsoft's Mix conference have come to a close, leaving us with two steaming news lumps: One for Windows Phone 7, and one for Internet Explorer 9. Here's what's in them! » 3/16/10 9:13pm 3/16/10 9:13pm

Internet Explorer 9 Won't Run on Windows XP

If this morning's news of Internet Explorer 9's support for HTML5 and video acceleration got you excited, and you happen to run Windows XP, prepare to get unexcited: You won't be able to install it on your OS. Sorry! [IE9] » 3/16/10 3:56pm 3/16/10 3:56pm

Internet Explorer 9: A Fresh Start, With HTML5

Ninth time's the charm, sometimes! At least that's Microsoft's hope with IE9, which they've just announced at Mix, brings new HTML5 support (including HTML5 video!), hardware-accelerated 2D graphics, and a totally new JavaScript engine—and no XP support. » 3/16/10 11:55am 3/16/10 11:55am

Microsoft, You Can't Win by Coming in Last Place

I know Microsoft has only recently broken ground on Internet Explorer 9, but why would you ever release a graph in which you were the admitted worst at a task? » 11/20/09 8:22am 11/20/09 8:22am