Robo Sally: The Best Bomb Disposal Bot Is Also the Most Human

Of the 25,000 Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) missions conducted by the US military in Iraq, only 30 have resulted in fatalities according to Army Col. K. Reinhard, commander of the joint EOD teams operating in the theater. That's still 30 too many. And that's why DARPA's developed the most advanced EOD surrogate… » 6/04/13 11:35am 6/04/13 11:35am

CUTLASS Supreme: How the Next-Gen Police-Bot Picks Bombs Apart in Record Time

The Wheelbarrow EOD robot has dutifully served the British Army since Lt. Col. Peter Mille first put one to work disarming IRA bombs in 1972. But these days, the 400 or so units currently deployed in the UK and abroad are quickly becoming legacy hardware. The British Ministry of Defence's replacement: a… » 4/23/13 11:30am 4/23/13 11:30am

Secret Army Bomb Jammers Stolen in Afghanistan

On Jan. 7, someone strolled into a supply room at Camp Eggers, a coalition base near the U.S. embassy in downtown Kabul, pocketed two sets of car keys and walked out undetected. Sometime over the next 24 hours, the thieves drove away with two black-painted, armored Toyota Land Cruisers belonging to the U.S. Army's… » 3/01/12 4:40pm 3/01/12 4:40pm

Pentagon: Future of Homemade Bombs Is High-Tech

Most improvised bombs used by insurgents are decidedly low-tech, jury-rigged affairs. A couple of command wires, some fertilizer chemicals and wooden pressure plates in Afghanistan; in Iraq, leftover mines or plastic explosives often detonated remotely by cellphone. But the Pentagon's bomb squad sees "ever more… » 2/15/12 6:40pm 2/15/12 6:40pm

The Time I Planted a Pipe Bomb Under Someone's Truck

I almost crash into a truck, at first. I can turn on a dime and accelerate like a tiny nitrous-oxide-fueled bat out of hell—even though I'm holding a 10-pound pipe bomb, 30 percent of my body weight. I don't know what I'm doing, really. But by the time I get to the truck to plant the bomb, it's easy. I know exactly… » 12/27/11 4:30pm 12/27/11 4:30pm

US Army Selects Top Inventions That Can Take, Or Save, Your Life

IEDs, or Improvised Explosive Devices, are a sad fact of war in Iraq and Afghanistan, so you'll see the influence of these deadly weapons in this list of the US Army's top inventions for 2007. Every year the Army selects the top refinements, outright new inventions, or streamlined weaponry, and pumps out a list. This… » 7/06/08 6:00pm 7/06/08 6:00pm