Improvised Condom Balloon Bombs Are Being Used In Syria To Fend Off Airstrikes

With Russia, Syria and the U.S. led coalition striking targets around Syria, the skies above the war-torn country have become increasingly filled with combat aircraft. These airstrikes have become the bane of militant and rebel factions fighting on the ground. Now some of them are trying are using helium filled… »10/24/15 12:45pm10/24/15 12:45pm


This Blast Effects Sensor Suite Analyzes IEDs to Save Lives

Even as the US begins to withdraw from Afghanistan, IEDs remain a constant threat to our forces. But the Army's top brass is turning this threat into an opportunity using a new, integrated sensor suite. Now, with every IED attack, the Army learn how to better treat and prevent the destruction and mayhem they cause. »7/18/13 11:32am7/18/13 11:32am

This Tool-Wielding Robot Hand Can Be Mass Produced For Cheap

Darpa researchers at Sandia National Laboratory have developed a dextrous robotic hand made of modular components that can be produced cheaply. You see, the military wants to use these bots to defuse IEDs all over the world, but until now, comparable robotic abilities have cost about $250,000. Robotic hands need to… »8/16/12 4:20pm8/16/12 4:20pm

Inkjet-Printed Adhesive Sensor Strip To Measure Soldiers' Blast Exposure

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) has become one of the biggest challenges for soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan—shockwaves caused by IEDs and rocket-propelled grenades can cause serious damage that is at times nearly impossible to diagnose. DARPA hopes to change that with a disposable strip »10/14/08 11:30am10/14/08 11:30am being developed by…