iPod Fridge and iGorenje Home Appliance Control System in Action

We covered the Gorenje Made for iPod fridge »9/02/08 10:00am9/02/08 10:00am and the iGorenje home appliance program at IFA last Sunday. I've spent some time with both and I like what I see, although I have some doubts about how practical this can be. Like someone pointed out before, the life of a fridge is very long, so the iPod dock would probably…

Gorenje Fridge Table Lifts Food, People Frozen in Carbonite

The Home Appliances halls at IFA 2008 have some of the best stuff in the fair, like this Gorenje fridge table, which seems to be a brand obsessed about doing really Star Trekish stuff »9/02/08 6:40am9/02/08 6:40am for the kitchen. The table—with a central fridge that smoothly raises to give access to food and beverages, and a security system to…

Gorenje Fridge Is Officially Made for iPod, As Lickable as the Touch Itself

Believe it or not, this beautiful Gorenje fridge is an official Apple-licensed Made for iPod refrigerator. And believe it or not, it's not just a speaker and a dock glued to a glossy black fridge: You can control »8/31/08 5:41pm8/31/08 5:41pm the fridge itself using your iPod touch or iPhone using an application called iGorenj, which in fact can…

iRiver Spinn Media Player Has a Great 70s Retro Flair, Feels Oh-So-Good

I love the new analog controller in the iRiver Spinn as much as I love its simple brushed aluminum design, the old radio-inspired user interface, and the whole packaging. While I'm still partial to direct touch interfaces-which the Spinn has as well, although it's not multitouch-the Spinn rolling thingie feels great,… »8/30/08 1:00pm8/30/08 1:00pm

Toshiba Magic Gestures Convert You Into Hitchhiking Gandalf

To be honest, I was going to headline this article "Toshiba Magic Waving Handy-Spanky-Fingery Gestures Are Perfect for Harry Potter and Online Porn Users," but I decided against it at the last minute for obvious reasons, even when I had two powerful arguments in favor. You will understand them when you watch Helga-the… »8/30/08 9:00am8/30/08 9:00am

Panasonic to Mass Produce 150-Inch TV, Requires Your Own Nuclear Power Plant

Panasonic is saying that they are going to start mass-manufacturing their 150-inch 2,106 x 4,096 display, which obviously is not directed at consumers unless a) they have their own Quad-HD video material to play and b) they have their own nuclear power plant, since this beast eats 1,500 watts, which in the Michael… »8/29/08 12:30pm8/29/08 12:30pm