iPod Fridge and iGorenje Home Appliance Control System in Action

We covered the Gorenje Made for iPod fridge » 9/02/08 10:00am 9/02/08 10:00am and the iGorenje home appliance program at IFA last Sunday. I've spent some time with both and I like what I see, although I have some doubts about how practical this can be. Like someone pointed out before, the life of a fridge is very long, so the iPod dock would probably…

Loewe's Design Studio TVs are Absolutely Fan-Bloody-tastic

Look what we found at Loewe: four fantastic concept TVs from their design studio. The white Concept Lowboard, red Connect Tripod, Docking Pot and Roundboard have all sorts of fabby extras, such as subwoofers, wireless connectivity pits and sexy mood lights in places you would least expect it. And two of the designs… » 9/04/07 8:30am 9/04/07 8:30am

Kung-Fu Fighting the 19-Buck, Wii-Wannabe Way

On Monday, we hit up Halls 3.1, deep in the bowels of IFA. It was full of all the weird stuff from China, tiny MP3s, enormous back massagers that looked like floor polishers (or something from those videos that Chen enjoys so much). And then I found this, a Wii-style Kung-Fu game. Here's a lesson on how to look like a… » 9/04/07 8:00am 9/04/07 8:00am

Die Modden Squadden, or a Lesson in Bad Taste

There were coffins, toilets, underwater landscapes that had everything except Mario swimming around looking for coins, a box file, a bikini babe and this thing. Honestly, wherever I go in my nightmares, Hello frackin' Kitty is there, waiting. Pass me the chainsaw, Helmut, and make it snappy: I've got a whole gallery… » 9/03/07 8:00am 9/03/07 8:00am

Hands-On and Slot Exploration with the Sexy Samsung Printers (Verdict: NeXT Flashback)

Last week we gave you the specs of Samsung's new Windows-, Linux- and Mac-compatible printers &mdash the ML-1630 is a monochrome laser printer, the SCX-4500 a 16 page-per-minute multi-function printer &mdash and yesterday we got to see them for ourselves. Glossy, smooth, they're the kind of printers that make you want… » 9/03/07 6:30am 9/03/07 6:30am

Fingers-On with the MP3 Lederhosen and Hunting Jacket

Consider the Bavarian hunting jacket with built-in MP3 controls. Consider it, and then wonder why you'd want to listen to oompah music while you blast away at anything in feathers, fur &mdash or if you're Dick Cheney, anyone who's standing too close to you. To drown out the screams, I suppose. There is also a pair of… » 9/03/07 4:58am 9/03/07 4:58am

Sony's T200 Cybershot Photographs Smiles Automatically

In addition to a Carl Zeiss 5X zoom lens, 3.5" wide/touchscreen LCD, Sony's Cybershot T200 features a smile sensor that will automagically snag shots when your family and friends are pretending to enjoy your company. In this demonstration, the potential gimmick seems to actually work. Though you'll notice that the… » 9/02/07 5:00pm 9/02/07 5:00pm

Harmon Kardon DVC600 Home Theater/Blu-ray Center Records 8 Simultaneous HD Channels

Sneaking into the future and concept area of Harmon Kardon's booth, we had a quick eyes-on with their DVC600 media center. Running their Unix-based home theater software, the DVC600 can record up to eight simultaneous HD shows. While we don't have a full spec rundown, we also know it will allow for recording and… » 9/02/07 12:05pm 9/02/07 12:05pm

Harman Kardon Experimenting with Disco Finishes for its TVs

This glittery little number caught my eye in the Harman Kardon tent. The US manufacturer has been experimenting with different finishes for its TVs and, at first glance it looks a bit Swarovski Whore, but when you get closer, Ooh! Zowie La-La, it's a mix of blue beads and jet drops (less offensive than it sounds.) And… » 9/02/07 12:00pm 9/02/07 12:00pm