The World's Slimmest OLED 3DTV May Be a Mere $9,000

After last year's 15.1-inch beauty, LG partnered it up with a 31-inch beast. It's officially the world's slimmest OLED 3DTV, but that's not saying much when Sony is the only other manufacturer with an OLED 3DTV. » 9/03/10 4:40am 9/03/10 4:40am

Brighter Than Before, Philips' 3D 21:9 TV Does Films Justice

The 21:9 has an advantage with its letterbox aspect ratio. Unlike other TVs, films fit the screen without those annoying black bars. With Toy Story 3D, you're drawn into a more engaging 3D image than the 55-inch 3D sets manage. » 9/02/10 12:27pm 9/02/10 12:27pm

Samsung's HMX-T10 Camcorder Has Full HD and 20-Degree Slanted Lens

They describe it as "groundbreaking," with the 20-degree slanted lens of the HMX-T10 supposedly aiding sore wrists. I don't know about that, but the rest of the specs make me happy: full HD, for starters. » 9/02/10 5:15am 9/02/10 5:15am

Now Sony is a Train Driver

At Sony's IFA press conference, their CEO Sir Howard Stringer talked up Sony's 3D might. Expect to see Sony: Train Driver Simulator! on the PS3 shortly. [TechRadar] » 9/02/10 4:40am 9/02/10 4:40am

Samsung's Galaxy Tab Runs Froyo, Has Flash and Measures 7 Inches

It was possibly the worst-kept secret in tablet-land (more so than the iPad), but the final specs have now been revealed for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. It'll run Android 2.2 (Froyo) and comes in a 7-inch flavor—for now. » 9/02/10 4:40am 9/02/10 4:40am