How to: 8 Ways to Get Ringtones Onto Your iPhone

Click to view[Depreciated since iTunes 7.4.2] Purchasable iPhone Ringtones are officially here. However, with the discovery of free iPhone ringtones from inside iTunes 7.4 (and the rediscovery of them in iTunes 7.4.1), most of you won't want to pay $0.99 for the privilege of using a 30-second version of a song you've… » 9/11/07 12:40pm 9/11/07 12:40pm

iFuntastic 2.1 Released: Easier AT&T Logo Destruction

iFuntastic, the iPhone Ringtone swapping GUI app, just jumped to version 2.1. It still can load your iPhone with ringtones of your choice and can even rearrange the main menu icons. But now you can swap out that swarmy AT&T logo for any PNG at 65 x 18 pixels. (Above, I used a transparent background, and text with… » 7/29/07 4:32pm 7/29/07 4:32pm