Forget Frosty: Here's How To Make Your Very Own Urban Igloo

Snowmen are great. Everyone loves a good snowman! But if you're expecting piles and piles of the white stuff this year, have a ton of free time on your hands, and want to make something truly cool, why not go all-out and construct an urban igloo? » 12/24/13 1:30pm 12/24/13 1:30pm

This Igloo Resort Lets You Watch the Northern Lights in Pure Luxury

These glowing, glorious igloos are the centerpiece of Kakslauttanen, Finland's Igloo Village. They do everything to keep you warm and pampered while offering a breathtaking view of the Northern sky. » 9/19/11 10:40am 9/19/11 10:40am

Would a Bottle of Milk Still Go Off in an Igloo Made From 322 Fridges?

It's a clichéd message, sure, but you've got to give Germany artist Ralf Schmerberg props for collecting 322 fridges to create this igloo. An attached electrical meter displays the energy waste to passersby, who can even pop inside. » 11/02/10 7:20am 11/02/10 7:20am

Igloo Satellite Cabin Modular Home Design Is Sarah Palin Approved

You don't need to meticulously memorize any talking points to see the beauty and functionality in these Igloo Satellite Cabins. Designed to protect you from the worst that Earth has to offer, these little huts are Eskimo-inspired and completely customizable. Like an IKEA store in the Arctic, you can also add in… » 10/05/08 12:00pm 10/05/08 12:00pm

Igloo Maker

Still snowed in? Well, go make an igloo! And here s a nifty way to do it: Grand Shelters Icebox is a tool used to mold your igloo, snow brick by snow brick, with a form attached to a pole. » 2/14/06 10:02am 2/14/06 10:02am