What Is This?

What could this be? Did Pac-Man dye himself in chrome? Did the power of my goatee split a rounded mirror in half? If you can make out the logo in the top right corner, you'll have a hint... » 3/15/10 9:20pm 3/15/10 9:20pm

Henckels' Absolutely Striking Magnetic Knife Block

Displaying one's prized knives on magnets has grown so trendy it's already tiresome. But when those magnets are hidden within a properly angled slab of wood? It's absolutely striking. » 3/15/10 6:40pm 3/15/10 6:40pm

Spaceboy Trashcan

This 100% steel Spaceboy garbage can by Wesco is the only trashcan I ever want to own, that is, until trashcans are constructed from actual, functional rockets. $250 when it arrives in the US later this year. [Wesco] » 3/15/10 6:20pm 3/15/10 6:20pm

Electric Burner or Turntable?

This $50 electric burner by Deni doesn't use fancy magnetic induction tech. But covered in knobs and stainless steel, it looks like a piece of high end stereo equipment that will absolutely rock your Campbell's chicken and stars soup. [Deni] » 3/15/10 3:59pm 3/15/10 3:59pm

Bodum Bistro Rugged Appliances

Bodum wouldn't dare call their upcoming Bistro line of appliances "rugged," but wrapped in rubber and dotted with grippy nubs, they feel like power tools re-imagined by a toy company. And I mean that in the best possible way. » 3/15/10 1:40pm 3/15/10 1:40pm

First Hands-On: Powermat Portable 2X Induction Charger

Powermat already makes a portable, tri-fold version of their induction charger. But it's only a bit portable, as you have to plug the thing in. Their latest Powermat is loaded with a lithium ion battery so you can charge anywhere. » 3/15/10 11:40am 3/15/10 11:40am