Apple To Work With Polk, JBL, iBiquity on HD Radio Tagging System For…

Apple is working with iPod dock makers JBL and Polk on a system that allows anything heard on an HD Radio/iPod dock system to be tagged and sent to an iPod, which will later be transferred to iTunes. Once on iTunes, a playlist is presented where users can purchase any tracks they heard while listening to HD Radio.… » 9/06/07 8:24pm 9/06/07 8:24pm

LG Hybrid HD DVD/Blu-ray Player Getting Canned?

Anyone who was planning on buying LG's hybrid high-def player may wanna sit down for this one. As we reported from CES, the BH100 fully supports Blu-ray discs, but since it lacks support for HD DVD's iHD, you can't access an HD DVD's interactive menus, you can only see the movie straight through. » 1/12/07 6:41pm 1/12/07 6:41pm

HP Says All's Fair in Love and DVD War

Yes kiddies, that's right. More silliness in the war of the next-generation DVD format. Until recently, HP was a tried and true Blu-ray supporter, giving the Sony-based format a little extra zing from the computer side of things. But, all good things must come to an end and now, HP is playing both sides of the fence,… » 12/19/05 8:36am 12/19/05 8:36am