Mac App Store Bug Is Upgrading Illegal and Trial Software For Free

As well as giving away OS X 10.9 Mavericks for free, Apple has also promised to update iWork and iLife gratis, too, for anyone that bought a Mac after October 1st. But there's a glitch in the system that means people with illegal or trial copies of the software are being given free updates too. » 10/24/13 7:02am 10/24/13 7:02am

iLife and iWork: Better, But More Importantly Free

Along with the flurry of hardware updates, Apple announced substantial upgrades to iLife and iWork. Features run the gamut from seamless integration with iOS to powerful automation tricks like a robotic drummer. And like OS X Mavericks, everything is available immediately, for free. » 10/22/13 1:55pm 10/22/13 1:55pm

iWork and iLife Apps Updated, iPhoto Now Available For iOS

To take advantage of its fancy new retina display, higher res camera, and boosted processor, the iWork and iLife apps for iOS have all been updated today. And since that new display will make working with photos a treat, Apple also introduced an iOS version of iPhoto. » 3/07/12 2:23pm 3/07/12 2:23pm

Apple to Sell iLife '11 Apps Individually For $15 Each?

Plenty of people won't be bothered by GarageBand or iMovie, and will want just iPhoto—and they'll want to download it, too. If Apple does charge just $15 per iLife '11 app as this photo suggests, that's amazing news. » 10/22/10 8:20am 10/22/10 8:20am

iMovie '11 Review: These Trailers Are the Next Big Meme You'll Be…

I've just barely dabbled with iMovie '11, but I'm already comfortable saying this: The new "Trailers" templates are going to be this year's latest meme fodder. » 10/21/10 6:00pm 10/21/10 6:00pm

iLife '09 Discounted by 44% on Amazon Suggests iLife '11 is Near

Hey, what would you do if I told you that Amazon was flogging iLife '09 for just $44 (that's a discount of 44 per cent), but that iLife '11 must be just 'round the corner? Would you wait, in hopes of these goodies, or snap up a bargain while you had the chance? [Amazon via 9to5Mac] » 9/29/10 11:50am 9/29/10 11:50am

iLife '11 Shows Up Early on Amazon For $99

Rumors of Apple's next iLife release have abounded for a few months now, but it looks like Amazon's lifted the veil: a product listing indicates that an iLife '11 Family Pack will be available in 2-4 weeks for $99. » 9/07/10 12:19pm 9/07/10 12:19pm

What Is iLife 2011's New Mysterious Application?

French Blog Mac4Ever claims that iLife'11 will arrive on August 7, 2010. According to their sources, the $79 package will feature 64-bit apps, deeper integration with Facebook, completely revamped iWeb, and a mysterious new app. What could it be? » 7/26/10 12:29pm 7/26/10 12:29pm

Eye-Fi Geo Adds Geotagging Info to iLife for Life

Geotagging photos sounds good, but it can become a laborious process to mark the source of every photo in your photo library. Now the Eye-Fi Geo will bring automatic geotagging to every photo you take. » 7/29/09 8:00am 7/29/09 8:00am

iPhoto 8.0.2 Update Improves Recognition, Geotagging; Still Sees Faces…

I noticed that the iPhoto 8.0.2 update had some new UI options, so I asked the Apple mothership what all the update covered. Turns out, it solves a few of my original problems: » 4/02/09 9:20pm 4/02/09 9:20pm

iPhoto Discovers Face in Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

iPhoto's face detection isn't perfect, but we can't blame the software for spotting a face in this unbaked batch of cookies. » 4/02/09 4:20pm 4/02/09 4:20pm

iPhoto '09: The Definitive Review and Tip Sheet

If you couldn't tell from yesterday's facial recognition special, I've been immersed in iPhoto '09—just me and 30,000 photos. Here's my full rundown of the app, plus tips to make it work better and faster. » 1/30/09 8:00am 1/30/09 8:00am

What a $5 GarageBand Artist Lesson Actually Includes

While iLife '09's GarageBand comes bundled with 9 free lessons on guitar and piano, Artist Lessons, with famous musicians, cost $5 a pop to download. So what does that money actually get you? » 1/29/09 2:00pm 1/29/09 2:00pm

iMovie '09 Review

On the surface iMovie '09 doesn't appear that much different than the iMovie '08 everyone complained about. But when you start digging through the software, you realize Apple actually listened to all the user complaints. » 1/29/09 10:00am 1/29/09 10:00am

What To Know About iPhoto '09 Face Detection and Recognition

In testing iPhoto '09 for my full review, I plowed through more than 30,000 photos using over 40 identified faces, mostly human. Here's how iPhoto's face detection and recognition works—and doesn't work: » 1/29/09 8:00am 1/29/09 8:00am

iPhoto's Facial Recognition Feature Works on Cats

Apple recently showed off their new iPhoto's facial recognition feature, but said it only can recognize human faces, not animals. MacLife tested it out and proved Apple wrong: iPhoto can tell kitties apart. [MacLife] » 1/27/09 9:30pm 1/27/09 9:30pm

iLife '09 Shipping Now For Some People? Hits Torrents in Three, Two...

According to some readers, the $79 iLife '09 is now shipping. For metadata fanatic loons like me, it's worthy just for iPhoto alone and its new face tagging and localization features. UPDATE: Apple confirms. » 1/25/09 5:14pm 1/25/09 5:14pm

Did You Enjoy The Keynote Any Less Without Steve Jobs?

Aside from the actual speculated products, the big news surrounding the Apple Macworld keynote was that Steve Jobs would be out sick. But as I refreshed the Gizmodo liveblog, I wondered, did it matter? » 1/06/09 6:00pm 1/06/09 6:00pm