Can You Actually Get Sick From Being Cold?

We've all been nagged about staying warm in the winter by a concerned elder: "You don't want to catch cold!" But that's absurd; everyone these days knows colds are only caused by viruses, right? Well, it's complicated. » 1/02/14 11:40am 1/02/14 11:40am

Just One Workout Can Double Your Flu-Fighting Chances

Considering how terrible this year's flu is, odds are good that you've already become a languid pile of festering contagions. And in case you've managed to evade the virus thus far, get thee a flu shot ASAP, obviously—but then go work out. It may just double your chances of staying plague-free. » 1/16/13 4:08pm 1/16/13 4:08pm

This Is How Bad the Flu Is This Year

Everyone you know is sick, or getting sick, or they've become a lifeless husk of human skin full of flu germs where there was once organs and bones and blood. Don't believe it? Check out Google's influenza tracker, which shows just how massive this year's spike is. » 1/11/13 10:58am 1/11/13 10:58am

Evidence Shows Cancer Regrowth Is Driven By Cancer Stem Cells

While scientists increasingly understand the genetics of cancer, they've never been able to track how single cancerous cells form tumors in the body, or work out how tumors grow back seemingly from nowhere. New research, however, sheds some light on that problem—and suggests that tumors are fueled by cancer stem cells. » 8/02/12 9:00am 8/02/12 9:00am

How Twitter Can Predict When Individuals Will Get Sick

If you've been walking around a public place lately, you've come in contact with a lot of people. Some of those people may have been sick. And if you've been hanging around enough of them as they cough and sneeze, then you might be about to get sick too. » 7/26/12 7:48am 7/26/12 7:48am

Under Our Skin: A Dramatic Tale of Microbes, Medicine, and Money

Written and directed by Andy Abrahams Wilson, the 2008 Academy Award-nominated documentary Under Our Skin explores and exposes one of our nation's most threatening and least regarded epidemic illnesses: Lyme disease. » 6/18/12 7:40pm 6/18/12 7:40pm

Researcher Killed By Deadly Bacteria He Was Working With

A young researcher from San Francisco has died after being infected by a highly virulent strain of meningococcal disease he was studying—and there are fears that it could spread. » 5/04/12 6:19am 5/04/12 6:19am

Mystery Killer Preying on Vietnamese Youth

A mysterious illness that begins as a high fever with little appetite and spreads to a rash on the hands and feet is responsible for the loss of 17 lives, so far, in an impoverished Vietnamese district. 171 others have also been sickened but have been able to recover with proper and timely medical care. » 4/20/12 8:20pm 4/20/12 8:20pm

New Drug Can Treat Almost Any Viral Infection by Killing the Body's…

A new broad-spectrum treatment for viruses could be as effective as antibiotics fighting bacteria, MIT researchers report. The method uses cells' own defense systems to induce invaded cells to commit suicide, preventing the spread of the virus. In lab tests, the new drug completely cured mice that had been infected… » 8/10/11 2:57pm 8/10/11 2:57pm

Zinc is Probably the Most Effective Cold Treatment Known to Medicine

The moment you're semi-sure you're getting a cold, get some zinc lozenges. That's the result of a meta-analysis of 15 different scientific studies of the mineral, and cut the length of coughing and sneezing days by 40 percent. » 2/16/11 10:20am 2/16/11 10:20am

BP Dispersants Causing "Non-Stop Diarrhea" and Other Pleasant Side…

Remember when BP was responsible for horrible things, and then they plugged the hole and we moved on to worrying about other horrible things? Things are still horrible! The chemical they used to break down oil is making people ill. » 10/28/10 9:40pm 10/28/10 9:40pm

What Will Technology Do for The Future of Healthcare?

It can be easy to let the contentious question of who will pay for healthcare in our society distract from questions of what it will pay for. Trends consultancy PSFK shares its vision of where technology will soon take medicine. » 8/04/10 6:20pm 8/04/10 6:20pm

Steve Jobs Looked Thinner Than Usual at WWDC—So What?

One of the first things we noticed when Steve Jobs came out on stage was that he was noticeably thinner than he was in previous events. We were vaguely concerned since he's had a recent history of what could be considered pretty severe health problems, but it looks like it's just a "common bug" says Apple PR. At age… » 6/10/08 11:00pm 6/10/08 11:00pm