Cityscope Illuminated Sculpture is Like Glowing Crashed Meteor In Cologne

Cityscope is a new sculpture by Marco Hemmerling, designed to deal "with the fragmented perception of urban spaces" or something: To me, it's better to imagine it as a meteor that just managed to soft-land in a city square. Or, better still than artistic mumbojumbo: perhaps as a particularly odd-looking alien… »11/25/08 6:40am11/25/08 6:40am

Kurage Fiber-Optic Chandelier Adjusts Brightness By Tweaking its Curves

This chandelier-ish lighting design, dubbed Kurage3, allows you to change its level of illumination by changing how curved a shape it makes. Simple science really: If you make it curve past the critical angle for the 1.5-mm fiber-optic, instead of shooting through the tube of glass, the light from an LED light source… »8/20/08 8:27am8/20/08 8:27am

Osram Pushes White LEDS to World-Record Brightness, Super Efficiency

It's an interesting week in the world of LEDs: on the weekend we heard about ultra-cheap ones, and today Osram (yes, the lightbulb people) has news that they've pushed white LEDs to world-record brightness. By optimizing the diode, light converter and the package, their lab test squeezed 500 lumens out of a single LED… »7/22/08 4:33am7/22/08 4:33am

iPod Scroll Wheel Illumination Patent Shows Two Finger Control

Apple's in the midst of shoving multi-touch into every single thing they own, which means that this patent for a two-fingered iPod scroll wheel seems quite likely to come to fruition. Besides allowing you to do the "Churchill", the patent details an illumination of the wheel as your finger passes by, possibly making a… »1/24/08 3:00pm1/24/08 3:00pm