Listen to iLuv i399 iPod Dock From 300 Feet Away With BluePin II

The Skinny: Another Bluetooth-enabled dock from iLuv, this one boosts the wireless range to 300 feet w/ BluePin II. Sound is supposedly better than previous models courtesy of iAura, plus it has speaker phone capabilities. The Drag: Their past model X99 model only had 6 watts per speaker, which is not a lot of output… »1/04/08 4:45pm1/04/08 4:45pm

iLuv i720 and i730 Bluetooth/FM Kits Let You Reject Calls and Listen to Your iPod Hands Free

The Skinny: The i720 is a line-in iPod/iPhone and hands-free Bluetooth remote, with FM transmission and a caller ID display, plus call reject, transfer and other basic phone commands. It's small, black and fairly attractive and seems pretty useful for ardent multi-taskers. The Catch: It's something else taking up… »1/04/08 4:45pm1/04/08 4:45pm

iLuv Portable Video MP3 and DVD Player, for Music and Movies Everywhere

Watch movies on the go and listen to music, too, with this iLuv Portable Video MP3 and DVD Player. Its 8.4-inch widescreen LCD will show you those DVDs in slim style, and when you've had enough of that, your 30GB, 60GB or 80GB iPod stands at the ready, nestled within its chic confines, complete with a little window… »10/02/07 5:00pm10/02/07 5:00pm

iLuv Wing Takes Flight Alongside Cleavage of Comely Model

That busty iLuv model appears once again today, this time showing off another docking station. This iLuv Wing has a graceful design resembling an uplifted pair of ... wings. It pumps out 20 watts' worth of sound, and is pictured here with a Samsung Yep T9 player, but it's also just as willing to couple with an iPod.… »6/22/07 1:15pm6/22/07 1:15pm

iLuv i182 Video Recording Dock: Where's the Automated Recording?

iLuv squeezes even more money out of the iPod with its i182, a dock that lets you record any video source directly to the iPod's hard drive. Because of Apple's wacky content controls (kinda like how you can't just drag and drop MP3s onto the iPod and expect them to play), you need to use the software that comes with… »3/01/07 8:23am3/01/07 8:23am