New "I'm a Mac" Ads Stop Attacking Vista, Start Attacking Microsoft's Marketing

Apple and Microsoft have been having this bizarre pissing match for a few years now, but this new set of ads marks confirms what previous volleys seemed to imply: these companies have no intention of actually talking about their products. Microsoft's feel-good " I'm Joe the Plumber and I'm a PC » 10/20/08 8:02am 10/20/08 8:02am" campaign was about as…

Microsoft 'I'm a PC' Ads Were Created Using a Mac

I might get my head torn off by The Ballmer » 9/21/08 2:00pm 9/21/08 2:00pm for posting this "I'm a PC" bit of trivia today, but the irony is too great to pass up. Turns out that phase two of the against Apple was... created on a Mac. If Apple was smart, and I think they are, they'd have another Hodgman ad making fun of this produced and in the can

First Screenshot of the New Microsoft Ads, I'm a PC and I Shark Dive!

And here you have it! A couple hours later, we have our first screen from the new Microsoft ad campaign » 9/18/08 1:51am 9/18/08 1:51am. Now represents me as a PC-user... I hang with , man! [Does anyone from Crispin who works on this campaign know if Seinfeld being pulled was a part of the plan or not? I've got a bet going with the Valleywag…

Seinfeld and Gates Are Out, "I'm a Mac" Counterattack Ads Are In

Alas, the Abbott and Costello-esque partnership » 9/17/08 11:00pm 9/17/08 11:00pm between is now officially over, after Microsoft decided to go with a slightly less ambiguous advertising campaign. (, contrary to what's floating around the internet tonight about pulled Seinfeld ads.) In their place is a direct shot at those Apple "I'm a Mac" ads,…

The Dorky Genesis of Those "I'm a Mac" Ads

And here you thought that Apple's advertising geniuses were completely original. This is a scan from a 1996 issue of MacAddict (click it for the big version), and boy, what a difference 10 years makes. Look, PC users wear suits! And Apple users wear… denim shirts over a t-shirt tucked into their hiked-up dad jeans?… » 2/21/07 10:47am 2/21/07 10:47am