Scalado Promises to Finally Kill Irritating Phone Camera Lag

It's the worst thing about phone cameras (except for the image noise, poor low-light performance, desaturated colors and incessant motion blur): the picture delay. Scalado says they've managed to eliminate it by constantly recording and displaying actual JPG images of the frame in real time. In other words, when you… »11/20/08 5:36am11/20/08 5:36am


Scientists Say Virtual Imaging Colonoscopy As Good As Real Thing, With Less Probing

According to the results of a new study, a virtual-reality 3D-graphic colonoscopy is about as good as the real thing for screening for colon cancer. The virtual procedure is made by image processing the results of an abdominal CT scan, then a doctor views the results in a sort of first-person-shooter "fly through" of… »9/18/08 6:59am9/18/08 6:59am