Visual Search Engine Coming to iPhone in June

Evolution Robotics ViPR visual search technology is coming to the iPhone this June. ViPR allows you to take a photo of any movie, CD or book, send it to a server, and automagically get an email back loaded with information and links pointing to YouTube videos or iTunes Music Store links. It will also be deployed in… » 4/18/08 8:30am 4/18/08 8:30am

Spellbinder Makes Invisible Artwork Appear When You Take a Picture

Say you're in Europe, standing in front of some medieval castle. You take a picture of it with your cameraphone and send it via MMS to Spellbinder. Soon you get a message back with your shot, only now there's a giant green fire-breathing dragon guarding the castle's gate. There are no elves in a sweatshop, magically… » 8/10/07 6:10pm 8/10/07 6:10pm