What it must be like being inside a kid's imagination

Here's a cute video that I hope turns into an entire series: imagining what's inside a kid's, well, imagination. The video starts off with the toddler waving a stick as he runs around (as kids tend to do) and then transforms into a level of Super Mario Bros. Being a kid is awesome. We just see the stick, they see… » 1/08/15 2:17am 1/08/15 2:17am

Everything You Need To Move Beyond Lego

I know what you're thinking. Who would want to replace a child's Lego? It's the perfect toy inspiring creativity and imagination. Well maybe you're raising your child to be a non-conformist? Or maybe you just have a vendetta against the Dutch Danish. » 2/28/12 3:30pm 2/28/12 3:30pm

You Will Have the Power of a PS3 In Your Pocket In 3 Years

I spoke to Imagination Technologies—maker of the PowerVR chip that powers smartphones like the iPhone, Droid and many others—and they said, definitively, that you'll have graphics comparable to the PlayStation 3 in 3 years. » 3/10/10 3:38pm 3/10/10 3:38pm