Oh My God There Are Real, Functioning Smartphones That Can Make You…

There has been talk of the years of haptics technologies which would allow us to move our hand over a glass touchscreen and be tricked into thinking we were touching a fuzzy material, or some rough surface. But that was all R&D talk. At Mobile World Congress this year, however, AllThingsD found a pair of companies who… » 3/01/12 3:40pm 3/01/12 3:40pm

Immersion's New Haptic Touchscreen Tech Encourages Corny iPhone Romance

Haptic technology has the possibility to make touchscreens so much better, improving accuracy and adding a whole new range of sensory feedback. Immersion, primary developers of haptic technology, presented both a refined onscreen keyboard and an incredibly cheesy "Immersive Messaging" protocol at this year's All… » 5/27/09 11:30pm 5/27/09 11:30pm

Immersion and Microsoft Settle It Once and For All

For those keeping up with Immersion's many legal battles over their patented rumble technology being used in console controllers, the company has finally settled with Microsoft...again. You see, Microsoft used Immersion's rumble in their 360 controllers without paying. Immersion sued, and Microsoft paid up. But then … » 8/27/08 12:00pm 8/27/08 12:00pm

Could I Have a Match? Try Vibrators and Nintendo Wiimotes

Remember when it was cool to joke about how the vibrating Wii remote looked, felt and behaved pretty much like a vibrator? No? Well, too bad, because it turns out that the two were more similar than the light-hearted humor suggested. In fact, both tools of pleasure employ technology built from a patent from the same… » 5/11/08 5:00pm 5/11/08 5:00pm

Haptic Feedback Implementation Coming to iPhone Courtesy of Immersion…

If a Palluxo.com source is to be believed, Apple is currently in talks with Immersion Corp. regarding haptic technology implementation for the iPhone. Immersion Corp. solutions have been implemented in Samsung handsets in the past and it now looks like Apple want in on the action. The conjecture gathers weight thanks… » 4/26/08 7:00pm 4/26/08 7:00pm

PS3 Firmware v1.94 to Add DualShock3 Support?

According to Shacknews, the latest PS3 software update, v1.94, will add support for the upcoming DualShock3 rumble controller. The update will also include Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, the first PS3 game to take advantage of DualShock3. Apparently the rumble feature can be toggled by pressing the PS… » 10/23/07 6:50pm 10/23/07 6:50pm

PlayStation 3's DualShock 3 Tech Exactly the Same as DualShock 2 Tech

We asked you yesterday whether you were happy or annoyed that rumble is back on the DualShock 3 for the PS3, but this new revelation may change your answer. GameDaily BIZ confirmed with SCEA that the rumble technology in the DualShock 3 is exactly the same as the on in the DualShock 2, and doesn't take advantage of… » 9/21/07 2:50pm 9/21/07 2:50pm

Powerpoint Docs Point to Immersion vs. Nintendo Suit

These Powerpoint presentation slides unearthed by Rumor Reporter shine new light onto a possible suit on Nintendo by Immersion. Immersion, if you don't remember, is the same company that recently won their suit with Sony for millions of dollars (and settled with Microsoft earlier) regarding vibration in controllers.… » 8/20/07 3:22pm 8/20/07 3:22pm

Sony Settles Vibrator Dispute, Rumble Coming Back?

Sony and Immersion have settled their long-faught lawsuit regarding the rumble technology Sony uses in its controllers. The deal reached between Sony and Immersion would open a door allowing Sony to add this technology to the Sixaxis controllers for the PS3. Immersion's CEO has already stated that a technical proposal… » 3/02/07 1:45pm 3/02/07 1:45pm

Take Your Haptic Actuators Off Of Me, You Damned Dirty Touchscreen!

Touchscreens just got a boost with Immersion's latest "Tactile Touchscreen" technology, the TouchSense. Now, instead of merely using the touch screen as a keyboard and mouse replacement, you can literally "feel" the interface as you interact. With embedded haptic actuators into the screen, buttons, scroll bars, and… » 9/14/05 12:42pm 9/14/05 12:42pm