7 Ways That People Died Trying To Become Immortal


Would you risk your life if you thought it might mean extending it? Would you die now if you thought you could be revived at some point in the future? Here are cases of people who went to extremes for immortality or their very own fountains of youth — and killed themselves in the process. »3/17/15 2:19pm3/17/15 2:19pm


Scientists Discover How to Extend Lifespans without Starving Yourself

Restricting yourself to a super-low calorie diet has been discovered as a way to extend your lifespan by a noticeable number of years, but it comes with a pretty lousy side effect: you don't get to eat anything. Not worth it! I'd rather die at 70 knowing the sweet taste of ham and cheese Hot Pockets than live to 90… »4/17/08 5:10pm4/17/08 5:10pm