Implosion Toy Set Lets You Practice Destroying the Apple Cube Store Over and Over

American Toy and Invention Co. is selling a kit that'll let you build, implode, and rebuild a multi-story structure that looks strangely enough like the 5th Avenue Apple flagship retail space. I'm sure it teaches about the physics of demolition, but hey! Stuff's blowing up! Stuff with iPods inside! »12/13/08 11:45am12/13/08 11:45am

New Frontier Hotel Imploded Before Your Eyes, Now a Nondescript Pile of Rubble

If you want to see a building imploded with 1000 pounds of high explosives, Las Vegas was the place to be early yesterday morning. That's when demolition experts finally got rid of the 16-story New Frontier Hotel in grand style, as only Las Vegas would be sleazy enough to do. Anyway, we never get tired of seeing them… »11/14/07 7:21am11/14/07 7:21am