Best Buy's Escape: The Retail Giant's High-End, Import Gadget Store

Several years ago, Wired wrote up Best Buy's high-end gadget concept store called Escape. It sounded nice, but it was local-only (Chicago I believe.) I didn't think they had the balls to pull it off, but they've just brought it online. The selection is tiny, but its all good stuff. I'm talking about Raon UMPCs, OQOs,… »2/26/07 9:02pm2/26/07 9:02pm

Sony Hates Europeans, Will Prevent The Importing of PS3

Sony sure does know how to make friends. It emerged today that Sony fully intends to screw its most loyal European customers (you know, the crazy people who intend to import a PlayStation 3 before the official European launch) by using the "full scope of the law" to prevent such imports from happening. Sony says it's… »10/23/06 10:59am10/23/06 10:59am