Wow, watch this guy nail the voices of 33 different Simpsons characters

Listen to super talented voice actor Brock Baker zip through 33 different Simpsons impressions in 5 minutes. His Homer takes a little getting used to but he nails a good chunk of them. There are a few that are pitch perfect (like his Fat Tony). Anyway, it all adds up to a very fun watch. » 2/28/14 8:43pm 2/28/14 8:43pm

My Wife's Take After a Week With an eReader

I gave my wife a Sony Reader for Christmas after she'd talked about them for some time (she deemed the Kindle "ugly" btw, which is important as anything else for a gadget that's designed to be looked at for hours on end, I guess). Her verdict on the experience? Good, but there's one thing she's surprised to miss most… » 12/30/07 6:50pm 12/30/07 6:50pm