This MP3 Experiment Shows What 2,000 Smartphone Speakers Sound Like

Improv Everywhere is an NYC-based guerrilla prank group who's various missions have included planning a massive Best Buy infiltration and turning a busy New York subway stop into an underground spa. For their latest social experiment, the team gave 2,000 people instructions via headphones, severely confusing local… »9/30/14 1:52pm9/30/14 1:52pm


Grand Central Terminal Got an Impromptu LED Light Show for Its 100th Birthday

Most of us love the light shows splashed across the sides of buildings for Christmas or Columbus Day or other events. They're adorable! Here's Improv Everywhere taking a timeout from the usual business of, well, confusing everyone around them to put on a light show for Grand Central's 100th birthday. »2/05/13 12:56pm2/05/13 12:56pm

What Happens When You Set Off Every Car Alarm in a Parking Lot at Once?

What would you do if you were in some random parking lot—Lowe's, let's say—and all of a sudden dozens of car alarms started going off at once? Would you shrug it off like the dead-to-everything city dweller you are? Maybe duck and run and wet yourself because Galactus is obviously coming to devour our planet? Improv… »6/04/12 10:40am6/04/12 10:40am

When Spinning Beach Balls of Death Attack in Real Life

Improv Everywhere! They're the best. Especially when they pull off large-scale pranks at events used to a certain degree of solemnity and self-importance. Like, say, TED. Here, Charlie Todd and his merry band present the most disruptive spinning beach ball of death of all time in the middle of a staged TED keynote.… »3/10/12 12:30pm3/10/12 12:30pm

Improv Everywhere Creates Epic Balloon Battles Using MP3 Players

Improv Everywhere »10/20/08 2:15pm10/20/08 2:15pm, the pranksters behind such internet classics as the and the , recently did a tour of four North American cities to hold their MP3 experiments. These consisted of thousands of people getting together, each with a special MP3 loaded up on their portable audio players, and then following the…

ImprovEverywhere Uses 700 Cameras to Make a Flash Wave Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Click to viewImprovEverywhere has just released the photos and video from their latest event, The Camera Flash Experiment. To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Brooklyn Bridge, they sent 700 people all along the it with cameras. When they all fired their flashes off in the same direction, it allowed them to make… »5/30/08 12:12am5/30/08 12:12am