Apple Hi-Fi Vs. Altec Lansing IMV712

Today, as our two most expensive units battle, marks the close of our first round of iPod Dock Battlemodo. First, we have the $349 Apple Hi-Fi. It's the Chosen System, blessed by the hands of Steve Jobs himself. And while it's late on the scene, that allowed Apple a chance to learn from the mistakes of other… » 7/07/07 5:15pm 7/07/07 5:15pm

Check Out the 8.5-inch Screen On This Altec Lansing iPod Dock

When it comes to iPod speaker docks, it's hard to be different, but Altec Lansing's iMV712 dock gets a leg up on its competition by embedding an 8.5-inch widescreen display in what otherwise would have been just another speaker dock. The dock also includes RCA inputs and an S-Video output. If you've go enough videos… » 5/02/07 2:40pm 5/02/07 2:40pm