Battlelessmodo, Chesnut Hill Sound George

After narrowly losing the Battlemodo finale, the Altec Lansing IMV712 was angry, pissed even. A split decision loss wasn't what the heavyweight had in mind as we called a few extra low blows on behalf of the lightweight champion, the Griffin Amplifi. » 8/09/07 12:30pm 8/09/07 12:30pm

SEMIFINALS, Eton Sound 100 iPod vs. Altec Lansing IMV712

In our last semifinals match in our iPod Dock Bracket, the diminutive Eton Sound 100 iPod battles the buff Altec Lansing IMV712. It's Porsche vs. Corvette, surf vs. turf, briefs vs. boxers—it's a competition for the ages, and the winner has a 50/50 chance at taking it all home. » 8/02/07 12:30pm 8/02/07 12:30pm

Apple Hi-Fi Vs. Altec Lansing IMV712

Today, as our two most expensive units battle, marks the close of our first round of iPod Dock Battlemodo. First, we have the $349 Apple Hi-Fi. It's the Chosen System, blessed by the hands of Steve Jobs himself. And while it's late on the scene, that allowed Apple a chance to learn from the mistakes of other… » 7/07/07 5:15pm 7/07/07 5:15pm

Check Out the 8.5-inch Screen On This Altec Lansing iPod Dock

When it comes to iPod speaker docks, it's hard to be different, but Altec Lansing's iMV712 dock gets a leg up on its competition by embedding an 8.5-inch widescreen display in what otherwise would have been just another speaker dock. The dock also includes RCA inputs and an S-Video output. If you've go enough videos… » 5/02/07 2:40pm 5/02/07 2:40pm