That In-App Purchase Hack Now Works For OS X Apps Too

Earlier in the week a Russian hacker—Alexy Borodin—revealed a fairly easy way to make in-app purchases in iOS without actually paying for them. Apple has of course since been working on a fix to the gaping hole, but adding insult to injury, Alexy has now revealed that a very similar hack also works with desktop apps… »7/21/12 12:00pm7/21/12 12:00pm


Hacker Discovers Surprisingly Easy Method to Get iPhone and iPad In-App Purchases for Free

The App Store's in-app purchases security has been breached. A Russian hacker has found a method to fool iPhone and iPad apps so that you can get in-app purchases for free. It's surprisingly easy to set up, requiring no jailbreaking or hacking magic at all. You just need to follow some steps in your stock iOS… »7/13/12 11:10am7/13/12 11:10am