Pioneer WiMax In-Car PMP Streams Audio, Video From Your Home Server

As inadvertently proved in our uncapped tests, one of the great promises of WiMax is streaming media, everywhere. That's exactly what Pioneer's forthcoming PMP is for. » 6/24/09 6:00am 6/24/09 6:00am

AVIC-F High-End Navigation Systems from Pioneer Rocks Voice Control

Talking to your gadgets is the first sign of madness, but people who insist on doing it should look at Pioneer's AVIC-F systems. The three models, the AVIC-F700BT, AVIC-F900BT and the AVIC F90BT all have a type of voice control developed by Pioneer alongside VoiceBox Technologies, which filters out the "um" and "ah"… » 4/21/08 9:45am 4/21/08 9:45am

Chrysler Cars With In-Car Internet and WiFi This Year; Road Safety…

Chrysler has announced its intention to bring internet access to its vehicles. The functionality will be added to existing models this year, and will be followed by assembly line produced, internet ready automobiles. The connections will rely on mobile phone towers and a monthly subscription charge will be levied on… » 3/23/08 12:15pm 3/23/08 12:15pm

Mvix MultiMedia Player

While this thing isn't particularly ground-breaking, its always great to see mini-PCs and hard drive enclosures come together in a way that is both ingenious and useful. The Mvix Multimedia Player plays video, audio, and images from a 3.5" disk—not included (!!)—and can transmit the audio via an FM transmitter. Hmm,… » 5/12/06 1:05pm 5/12/06 1:05pm

Infiniti M45 Sport + Mac mini = Fun!

Very cool little setup that essentially proves that in-car computing is going to soon get so nasty-easy that everyone will be doing it in about a year. Essentially, they've used a Mac mini running OS X and Apple's Front Row software to power the center, Salling Clicker software to control it, and they transfer… » 12/20/05 10:15am 12/20/05 10:15am

In-Car Mac Mini

I'm a sucker for a nice, tricked-out car PC. This one is particularly interesting in that it isn't quite a built-in system nor is it just someone's laptop on the passenger seat. This Mini, hidden inside a glove compartment, has a 6 port USB/Firewire hub, a cute LCD touchscreen, and—I'm sure this is just an oversight—a… » 8/12/05 10:31am 8/12/05 10:31am