Clarion's Car Stereo Comes in White, Gives you 728 Shades of LED

Clarion's new car stereos are definitely aimed at Eighties aerobics teachers with permed highlight — the type that wore Reebok Jazz trainers and carried their gear in a Head sports bag. With an FM/AM tuner and CD player, the DUB275MP connects to your music player via the USB port, and will also let you connect a… »10/11/07 8:24am10/11/07 8:24am


Fujitsu AVN2210p SatNav System: Finding Its Way Stateside in May

Fujitsu has teamed up with TomTom for its first joint foray into the US Sat-Nav market. The AVN2210p is a car audio unit complete with detachable PND that includes GPS antenna, rechargable battery and speaker, so that you can use it separately from the base unit. Maps of the US and Canada are on a separate SD memory… »4/20/07 8:33am4/20/07 8:33am