These $150 Earbuds Are Probably the Only MartinLogan Speakers You Can Afford

MartinLogan makes expensive speakers. They're the kinds only the most anal-retentive audiophile would consider buying. The company's Motion Vision Soundbar costs $1500, and forget about the top-end CLX speakers. Twenty-five grand? No, thank you. At $150, the new Mikros 70 in-ear monitors aren't a bargain, either—but… »7/16/12 3:20pm7/16/12 3:20pm


Apple Finally Ready to Ship LED Cinema Display and In-Ear Headphones?

Apple announced its new superfancy in-ear headphones »11/12/08 1:10pm11/12/08 1:10pm over two months ago, and its similarly superschmancy about a month ago. Neither have shipped! But it looks like they might, finally. MacRumors says Apple has end-of-life'd the old 23-inch Cinema Display and in-ear headphones, meaning the new hotness should be…

Shure Rolls Out Cheaper SE102MPA Phone Headset, Bundles Free Music Phone Adapter With Full SE Line

As you know from our recent »9/02/08 12:30pm9/02/08 12:30pm , we love Shure's SE line of in-ear headphones, especially when paired with the Music Phone Adapter that gives you a microphone and control button for your iPhone. Previously, the MPA was a $50 add-on and the cheapest phones you could get it with were the $120 SE110s, but the new SE102MPA…