We Need to Ban In-Flight Phone Calls Before It's Too Late

News recently broke that the Department of Transportation is revving up to try to officially ban in-flight phone calls. That's right; the singular, obscene act of yelling into your hand while careening through the air in a metal tube full of strangers could soon be verboten. Good. It should. It's time to kill the… » 8/05/14 12:38pm 8/05/14 12:38pm

Should People Be Allowed to Make Phone Calls on Planes?

There's been debate for years about whether people should be allowed to use their cellphones on planes. And with safety concerns diminishing, we've collectively moved on to other grievances: namely how annoying it will be to listen to five different phone conversations at once while trapped in a small, airborne pod. » 12/15/13 1:44pm 12/15/13 1:44pm

FCC Chairman Himself Thinks In-Flight Phone Calls Are a Bad Idea

After yesterday's very promising news that the FCC is (finally) considering allowing passengers to use their smartphones in the air, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler wants folks to know that he personally doesn't love the idea of sitting amid constant phone chatter on a long flight. You and the rest of us, Mr. Wheeler. » 11/23/13 6:20pm 11/23/13 6:20pm