This is the closest you can get to fly speeder bikes at Endor's forest

I never thought that skating through a forest was possible but—looking at this video of Andreas Wirnstl, Marco Dallago, and Luca Dallago zooming through a forest in Graz, Austria—apparently it is. It must really feel exhilarating to race like that, like driving a speeder bike in Return of the Jedi. »5/13/14 8:24pm5/13/14 8:24pm


The 360: Skateboarding, In-line Skating and Snowboarding All-in-One

The 360 is yet another hybrid sport creation that is intended for taking riders to extremely new levels of extremeness. Like the RipStick before it, the 360 combines skateboarding and snowboarding-but then it goes full-on extreme by throwing in-line skating into the mix. Apparently, riders can insert their feet into… »6/10/08 2:45pm6/10/08 2:45pm