InMotion SCV Hands On: A Cheaper, Lighter Segway That's a Lot of Fun

If you've ever been to a touristy locale, you've likely seen flocks of tourists riding Segways—the electric, two-wheeled, lean-steered, (dorky) personal transporters. There are two major problems with them, though: They're very expensive, and they're very heavy. But a small company called Inmotion may have just solved… »1/09/14 3:01pm1/09/14 3:01pm


This Vizio Thin+Light Is Your What's-An-Ultrabook-Anyway Deal of the Day

The term "Ultrabook" may be just an Intel marketing buzzword, but it's actually a pretty useful way to describe a specific kind of laptop: portable, with great battery life, and preferably no moving parts. The problem is that Ultrabook is being used to describe all manner of laptops, like (relatively) boxy, cheap… »10/02/12 3:00pm10/02/12 3:00pm

Stupid-Cheap Webhosting Is Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

Although there are plenty of free online sites to host your blog, when you're serious about owning your data there's only one way to go: you've got to host your own website. There are several advantages to hosting your own website: you get significantly more design flexibility, the ability to run advertisements, and… »10/01/12 3:00pm10/01/12 3:00pm

Altec Lansing's Redesigned Speakers and iPod Docks Get Retro, Manly Look

I must say I'm digging Altec Lansing's new design approach with their consumer audio gear. In these Expressionist Bass speakers and new inMotion iPod docks, we see A-L ditching white plastic tubes and glossy piano-black slabs in favor of vaguely retro, almost steampunk industrial designs with big screws, black, chrome… »9/11/08 1:20pm9/11/08 1:20pm