11 real cakes that look like fast food

I don't know which of these cakes that look like fast food I like better. The Big Mac, the Chipotle burrito, the bucket of KFC, the Subway sandwich... I just can't decide. My only option is to shake my head in disbelief and then proceed to stuff my mouth with all of them. » 7/28/14 9:33pm 7/28/14 9:33pm

Google Street View Car Can't Resist In-N-Out Urges

Of all the funny things Google Street View cars have captured, stopping by In-N-Out for lunch is probably the most delicious. Oh and that man/woman peeing on the street. That was pretty delicious too. [Google via Digg] » 8/13/09 8:30pm 8/13/09 8:30pm