Ron Jeremy's Wind Up Toy: You Would If You Could! (NSFW)

Yes indeed, Ron Jeremy lives the life that other fat, hairy men can only dream about. I don't think I need to tell you what this wind-up toy does, but I can tell you that every man has secretly wished for this ability at one point or another., I wonder what the people who manufacture these toys tell other… »10/24/08 6:30pm10/24/08 6:30pm


10 of the Most Blatantly Sexist Gadgets Ever Made (NSFW)

Women have it rough. Everywhere they turn there is a manufacturer looking to exploit women by incorporating more T & A into their product lineup. The following gallery provides 10 examples (11 if you count this bonus gadget) of the worst offenders in recent memory. Everything is there—from breast shaped Frisbees to… »1/31/08 4:30pm1/31/08 4:30pm

Inappropriate Gizmodo Browsing Contest Gallery (Some NSFW)

You saw the winner, now it's time to see the runners up of our Inappropriate Gizmodo Browsing contest. The theme was reading Gizmodo in the most inappropriate place you could think of, and many of our readers took that to mean either reading us at work or while having sex. In fact, there were four different entries of… »11/27/07 9:30pm11/27/07 9:30pm