It Turns Out Backup Batteries Don't Have To Be an Eyesore

If there's even the slightest risk you won't have access to an outlet or a powered USB port for 24 hours, you'd better hope you've got a backup battery in tow to keep your phone alive. And while function usually trumps form when it comes to external power sources, Incase has decided to overthrow the norm with a couple… » 11/06/13 12:20pm 11/06/13 12:20pm

Incase Power Slider For iPhone 3G Skillfully Conceals its Battery Booster

The Incase Slider is one of the more popular iPhone cases, and this new version is notable for being one of the better integrations of a supplemental battery pack yet. It'll add some girth, yes, but it also more than doubles your battery life and offers more protection than battery piggybacks like the Mophie Juice Pack » 11/17/08 11:15am 11/17/08 11:15am

Incase Two-in-One Car/Wall iPod and iPhone Charger

Having two chargers, one for the car and one for the home, is a chump's game. When we roll out, we prefer to schlep one single charger back and forth, which means Incase's 2-in-1 Wall & Car charger is just the thing we need to power our iPods and iPhones. It's $39, which makes it about the cost of two regular chargers… » 2/05/08 3:30pm 2/05/08 3:30pm

Incase Protective iPhone Cover Tested (Verdict: OK)

This Incase Protective cover is the first piece of iPhone retail-bait I couldn't resist in the Apple store. The good: It's the sleekest of all cases in stock there, so it won't make your iPhone look like a Tonka truck; it's rubberized, available in black, red, and grey; and has a neat topographical pattern all over it… » 7/12/07 6:46pm 7/12/07 6:46pm