We Should All Wear This Medical Alert Bracelet That Makes Sure Your Browser's History Gets Deleted

The holidays are over but gag gifts can be forever. This medical alert bracelet ensures that doctors know how to treat you if you were to suffer a medical emergency. No, you're not allergic to anything. No, you don't have an emergency contact. You just need a professional to delete your browsing history. Let's face… »1/03/13 9:00pm

Dr. Frankenstein's Browser: The Strangely Obvious Ancestry of Google Chrome

We've posted our first impressions »9/03/08 5:00pm of Google Chrome, and after extended use most of them have held up. Chrome is fast, feature-rich and stable, not to mention highly usable. But Google's in-house innovations (the multi-threaded engine, Javascript handling and task manager, mainly) make up a tiny portion of the user…