This Inductive Charger Makes Powering Up Your iPhone Beautiful

There are plenty of ways to do the two things that Spira does: Charge your phone and tell you the time. But there's nothing quite like the device that interaction design student Alice Robbiani has built to combine them—her inductive charger turns your iPhone into an interactive wall clock while it charges. »10/14/14 5:30pm10/14/14 5:30pm


You Could Probably Spend Your Entire Life On Starck's New Gadget-Friendly Sofa

Philippe Starck is known for designs that are as functional as they are beautiful. So it's not surprising that when it came to designing a sofa, the results would include everything from privacy dividers, to accessible power outlets, to even a Powermat wireless induction charging pad. There's probably a good reason… »4/09/13 4:00pm4/09/13 4:00pm

Apple's Shake-To-Charge Patent Trades Calories for Battery Life

Its larger form factor and bigger battery mean the iPhone 5 should last longer on a single charge. But to overcome the fact that battery technology still basically sucks, Apple has applied for a 'shake to charge' patent that uses electromagnetic induction to convert everyday motions into extra battery life. »9/20/12 10:41am9/20/12 10:41am

Adaptive Resonance Technology Could Make Wireless Charging Far Less Finicky

Even though the companies involved have finally come together in a consortium and finalized a standard, wireless charging is still struggling to gain acceptance. But a new technology called adaptive resonance from Fulton Innovation promises to bridge the gaps between devices, and make wireless charging pads less… »9/12/12 12:40pm9/12/12 12:40pm

I Want TDK's Gorgeous New Headphones and Speaker Cube That Can Charge Your Phone Wirelessly

TDK is known for designing really utilitarian, retro 80's futuristic audio equipment—black, gold, hard lines, Terminator, Burton's Batman, TDK—that encourages you to show it off without feeling like a showoff. And they've done it again. This time, with a pair of headphones that'll cradle your head and a new speaker… »8/30/12 8:10pm8/30/12 8:10pm