A Rare Look Deep Inside an Old-Fashioned Hydroelectric Power Plant

As a longtime fan of industrial aesthetics, I always look for the chance to get inside any building where roaring machines, buzzing wires, crackling pipe, and chaotic control rooms sit waiting to be explored and photographed—like this 99-year-old Art Deco power plant or this 70-year-old Bauhaus sewage pumping building. »1/08/15 9:00am1/08/15 9:00am

Watching this machine punching through metal = Total satisfaction

Behold the TRUMPF TruPunch 2020! I don't know if the TRUMPF TruPunch 2020 is the best. I don't know how much the TRUMPF TruPunch 2020 costs. Hell, I don't know anything about the TRUMPF TruPunch 2020. Except watching it in action is a surprising source of inner satisfaction. Also, trumpf should be a verb. »12/18/14 11:07pm12/18/14 11:07pm

Watch the Surprisingly Creepy Process of Making Blood Red Paper

You've got your remote cabins in the woods; your freaky laboratories; your Saw-like cellars; but the best setting for a horror movie just might be a 130-year-old paper manufacturing plant in London. This short vid shows a shadowed, moody take on how G. F. Smith produces sheets in a single hue in its Colorplan line.… »7/29/14 1:41pm7/29/14 1:41pm

Going Inside the DayGlo Factory Is a Mind Bending Colorful Trip

Byte Size Science took a tour inside the DayGlo Pigment Plant to show how DayGlo makes all of its fluorescent colors. It's pretty fascinating—the color becomes taffy textured and then solidified by cooling and then ground up to be like sand and then ground up again to be between 3-5 microns in diamater. And it's so… »1/09/13 9:00pm1/09/13 9:00pm

This Self-Teaching Battery Sifter Sorts Cells Solely by Sight

Nickel-cadmium and lithium-ion batteries can't simply be thrown away—their dangerous heavy metal contents could leak and contaminate the environment. Problem is, batteries have to be sorted by size and type before being recycled, which is both labor-intensive and time-consuming. Luckily, this high-speed battery… »12/21/12 11:30am12/21/12 11:30am