Buy Luke's Original Lightsaber for $185,000, Gizmo Animatronic for $5,000

This is it. The real McCoy: Luke Skywalker's one and only lightsaber, used in the original Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. It can be yours for only $185,000. If you don't have $185,000 handy, you can get the real fedora hat or the bullwhip used by Indiana Jones in Temple of Doom for $61,000 each (reportedly,… »11/25/08 8:40pm11/25/08 8:40pm


Indiana Jones 4 Blu-Ray Details Released With Cool Extras, Movie Still Poop

The Blu-ray edition of the biggest letdown in movie history, also known as Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Whatever Crystal Something will be released on October 14, just in time not to buy it for this holiday season. The two-disc Blu-ray comes in the obligatory 1080p and comes loaded with extras that don't make… »8/12/08 2:20pm8/12/08 2:20pm

Review: New Indy's Most Deadly Trap Is the Movie Itself

Yesterday I saw Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Like a kid, I went to the movie theater ready for all the popcorn cinema fun I could get—the crazy chases, the fights, bugs, snakes, temples, tombs, skeletons and all the deadly machines and ancient gadgets that they could throw at me. In fact, I've… »5/23/08 4:30pm5/23/08 4:30pm

5 Million-Piece LEGO Boulder Chases Indy, Crashes Into Car

Ah LEGO, how much do we love you? Let me count the ways: five million. The same amount of million multicolored pieces needed to create this solid boulder, as big as the one in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Then get a fake Professor Henry Jones (You call this archaeology?), fake Sallah (Asps. Very dangerous. You go first)… »5/19/08 7:05am5/19/08 7:05am

Samsung Uses Indy to Market its Rose Crystal HDTVs in Korea

With just three weeks to go before Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull hits theaters, Samsung is using the bullwhip-cracking adventurer for a little bit of promotion. Both the 50-inch and 58-inch models of its Rose Crystal HDTV come with an Indy DVD, as well as movie theater tickets. Personally, I'm… »5/01/08 10:50am5/01/08 10:50am

FX Whip Toy from Indiana Jones Makes Beating Up Colleagues a Pleasure

Hasbro's FX whip, part of the flotilla of Indiana Jones merchandise that is sailing into port this year, should be hung on the wall of every office in the land. This is what makes corporal punishment in the workplace such a pleasure. The $19.99 toy plays the theme tune —this is, sadly, the one crappy bit about it— as… »2/18/08 5:17am2/18/08 5:17am

Lucas Whores Out Indy into Tater of the Lost Ark and We Love It

Move over Optimash Prime and Darth Tater, because here comes Indiana Jones in Mr. Potato Head form factor: the Tater of the Lost Ark, complete with whip, fedora, leather jacket, gold idol and Harrison Fords' Very Own Cheeky Smirk™. It will be announced next month, at the Toy Fair 2008 in New York. [Star Wars Blog]
»1/23/08 8:00am1/23/08 8:00am