Priest Infects Church Network By Surfing the Web for Porn (NSFW)

A priest has resigned »10/20/08 11:45pm10/20/08 11:45pm from his parish after being caught viewing web porn in his computer at . While I'm sure God doesn't give a damn about porn-no matter -or the weaknesses of this priest, the church's IT staff and the archbishop weren't so amused when they discovered that his porn surfing antics had infected all the…

Bandage That Electrocutes Your Wounds Is Much Better Than It Sounds

Mixing water and electricity is never a good thing, unless it's in the style of the new "CMB Antimicrobial Wound Dressing with PROSIT" bandage. When you wet it, it generates a small voltage which prevents pesky microbes, fungus, mold and yeast from getting through its treated polyester fibers. Good news if you've got… »7/02/08 4:47am7/02/08 4:47am

TokyoFlash Infection Watch For that Bacteria-Chic Look

TokyoFlash—always guaranteed to surprise us with impossible-to read watch designs— has just stumped up it's newest offering, which this time looks like some kind of organic cell pattern. It's dubbed "Infection"... and you can just imagine the advertising tag can't you? Yep: "No one is immune to infection." The time is… »5/21/08 5:52am5/21/08 5:52am