Rumor: Best Buy Getting Into Video Downloads

Variety is reporting that Best Buy will start selling movie downloads through a partnership with Cinemanow, as blockbuster has. It could happen as soon as this summer. [Variety via NYT] » 4/17/09 9:02pm 4/17/09 9:02pm

State of The Infinite Format War: Get Ready for Five Long Years of…

One year ago, we predicted that the infinite format war would rise from the ashes of the HD DVD/Blu-ray format war-that a million online services and set-top boxes would suddenly promise to deliver movies and video to your computer or TV. And that each one would essentially be their own format, since none of them are… » 6/13/08 1:00pm 6/13/08 1:00pm

First Netflix Streaming Box Review, $100 and Unlimited Downloads!

Click to viewNetflix's first streaming box is finally here and it's pretty damn brilliant of a setup. First of all, the box is 99 bucks, and designed by Roku. It's fanless and quiet; has HDMI and optical outputs; and is about the size of five CD cases stacked together. Any Netflix disc mailing plan over $9 gets you… » 5/20/08 12:01am 5/20/08 12:01am