What It's Like To Drive Infiniti's Crazy Drive-By-Wire Steering Tech

Living in New York City, I don't drive very much these days. I still like a hot car and I love driving, especially on the vast and sometimes 80 mph speed limit Texas highways I grew up on. Is it fast? I'm in. Does it look cool? Done. Does it make me look even cooler? Even better. But the reason the 2014 Infiniti Q50s »1/31/14 12:40pm1/31/14 12:40pm


Infiniti's Around View Camera System, When Looking Out Your Window Just Won't Do

Infiniti's unreleased 2008 EX35 has lots of fun new features like self-healing paint and automatic folding rear seats. It even has something called the Around View camera system. It basically works just like those backup cameras that started showing up a few years ago, but now you can see to the right, left and… »9/17/07 3:40pm9/17/07 3:40pm