The sum of 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + ... until infinity is somehow -1/12

Here's a fun little brain wrinkle pinch for all you non-math people out there (that should be everyone in the world*): the sum of all natural numbers, from one to infinity, is not a ridiculously big number like you would expect but actually just -1/12. Yes, the sum of every number from one to infinity is some weird… »1/16/14 8:17pm1/16/14 8:17pm

Mathematic Proof That The Universe Had A Beginning

There are probably more theories floating around to explain the birth, life and death of the universe than for any other scientific concept. Some scientists champion the idea of the Big Bang that created everything around us, others postulate that that we live in a steady state universe with no beginning or end. Now,… »4/24/12 1:40pm4/24/12 1:40pm

dnp's Supernova Projector Screen Pumps Up Contrast Ratio and Brightness

It's hard to get excited about projector screens, but dnp's new Supernova Infinity is making us weak in the knees. It's the first front-projection screen that keeps a sharp image at all times, regardless of how much light is in your room. dnp claims the screen delivers a contrast ratio 10x better than what's out now.… »6/13/07 9:46am6/13/07 9:46am

Buffalo WZR-AG300NH AirStation Wireless-N Infinity Dual Band Router

Now this is where wireless routers are going. Besides its speedy wireless -N connectivity, Buffalo says this AirStation Wireless-N Infinity Dual Band Router is the first to receive the stamp of approval for Windows Vista. You can tell by those serious- looking antennas that this baby is a juggler, handling four… »1/08/07 8:15am1/08/07 8:15am